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Space for posting thoughts, ideas, references, resources, and works. The theme of our seminar and workshop series is "Morphology and Geographic Variation." With the natural history collection as our starting point, we'll hear from scientists, artists, designers, programmers, musicians, and more on place-based study. Part of AIM-UP, an NSF Research Coordination Network.

Specialized Plant Pollination Systems

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Marne Elmore (UNM)

Content: The specialized pollination system dispersion module will explore various species of orchids and the visual and chemical correlations these orchids share with their pollinators.  The visual mimicry of orchids results in pseudo-copulation by their enticed pollinators. Other concepts to be covered include comparison and contrasts with other types or tactics of specialized pollination systems. Geographic significance and potential symbiosis of morphology will be important topics covered as well.

Questions: Is the uniquely specific orchid-pollinator relationship limiting because it is “putting all your eggs in one basket” in a sense, or do orchids that utilize visual mimicry also rely on other pollinators or pollination tactics?