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Space for posting thoughts, ideas, references, resources, and works. The theme of our seminar and workshop series is "Morphology and Geographic Variation." With the natural history collection as our starting point, we'll hear from scientists, artists, designers, programmers, musicians, and more on place-based study. Part of AIM-UP, an NSF Research Coordination Network.

Ornithological Geographic Variation

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Casie Lee, Michelle Wong, Claire Groth (UC Berkeley)

Module Proposal
Using data from natural history museum collections (accessible online), students will compare and contrast different types of geographic variation and investigate possible causes of interspecific and intraspecific variation. Students will develop their own hypothesis and design their own observational research experiment. Under this section, students will use different tools and technologies to organize and interpret relevant data to “test” their hypothesis.

Key Terms/Concepts: -Sensory Ecology -Founder’s Effect -Natural Selection -Sexual Selection -Phenotypic Variation -Genetic Variation -Genetic Speciation