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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Phenotypic Variation in Rock Pocket Mice of the Carrizozo (UNM)

DRAFT 05/01/2012
Lauren Doyle, Rob Rix, Hugh Hulse
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  2. You guys chose a very interesting topic! Here are a few suggestions:

    - Page numbers need to be added throughout the book.
    - Chaetodipus intermedius needs to be italicized (heading: Rock Pocket Mouse).
    - Correct misspelling, reqions should be regions, (heading: New Mexico Geography, line 3).
    - Correct misspelling, appearence should be appearance, (heading: New
    Mexico Geography, line 4).
    - Remove "ground water" or complete idea (heading: White Sands, line 9).
    - Change "genotypes of mice on dark substrate was modified" to "genotypes of mice on dark substrate were modified" (heading: Mutations and the Mc1r gene, 10 lines from bottom of paragraph)
    - Remove "reproducing than those of genotype dd." or finish thought (heading: Mutations and the Mc1r gene, 5 lines from bottom of paragraph)
    - Remove "With enough time, natural selection was able to alter the
    genotype of mice populations to reflect the most successful traits: dark
    color on dark substrate and light color on light substrate." from the end
    of the paragraph because you already said this.

    Hope these help! Good job.


  3. I had a hard time reading the text in this module because of the background. It might be easier to read if the text were a little larger or had white boxes behind it.

    Remove the last sentence under Mutations in the Mc1r gene as it is written twice.

    On the last page I would remove the "most importantly have fun" or change it to just "Have fun" because it's not a list of important things, so most importantly sounds out of place.

    But overall this is really well done, informative, and visually pleasing.

    I really enjoyed it

  4. Nice work. Here are a few things:
    pg. 1 What Is Natural Selection? Last Sentence -- "Natural Selection...results in the evolution of (an) organism."
    pg. 3 New Mexico Geography-- "is (geographically) diverse region (that) is inhabited..." "This (region's) drastic shifts..."
    Valley of Fire page: "Valley of Fire(')s recreation area..."

    This module seems very well-rounded. Good work!

  5. I love this example of selection in action. This is somewhat subjective, but I am not a fan of the type font. It is kind of hard to read, and since you have scientific names, which should be italicized, this font doesn't work well to distinguish it from regular font. Make sure your scientific names are italicized everywhere, and as I mentioned in class, mammal common names are not capitalized and if you are going to capitalize the titles of slides, just make sure you are are consistent. You should also try (but you may not have time to add the whole thing) about searching on Arctos using the map. I can email you the information on how to do it if you want. Nice work!