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Space for posting thoughts, ideas, references, resources, and works. The theme of our seminar and workshop series is "Morphology and Geographic Variation." With the natural history collection as our starting point, we'll hear from scientists, artists, designers, programmers, musicians, and more on place-based study. Part of AIM-UP, an NSF Research Coordination Network.

Monday, April 2, 2012

CO-EV workshop #2: Fluid Taxonomy with Suzanne Anker

What is taxonomy? How does the field of genetic engineering reorganize and recombine genomes? What are chimeras in art and science? This workshop will explore the following species of mushrooms: portobello, shitake, enoki, oyster, and white beech by DNA extraction and PCR amplification. The second part of the workshop will concentrate on "cut and paste" techniques in visual art through the practice of collage. Students are asked to choose content based on the following criteria: What are the political consequences of genetic engineering? To what taxa do entities belong when they are the result of several genomes? What ethical issues are raised by industrial farming?

DAY 1_Supermarket DNA lab : 
a trip to Talin International Market via ABQ Rapid Ride bus system to collect specimens

...and a fungal DNA extraction lab with mycologist Don Natvig, UNM Biology

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) thermocycler: 

~60% success rate!

Day 2_"Cut and Paste"

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