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Space for posting thoughts, ideas, references, resources, and works. The theme of our seminar and workshop series is "Morphology and Geographic Variation." With the natural history collection as our starting point, we'll hear from scientists, artists, designers, programmers, musicians, and more on place-based study. Part of AIM-UP, an NSF Research Coordination Network.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Workshop 2: "Fluid Taxonomy" with Suzanne Anker

This week we host our 2nd Visiting Artist in the CO-EVOLUTION workshop series with artist and theorist Suzanne Anker! On Day 1, we'll discuss a history of genetics and pay a visit to the international supermarket to collect plant and animal specimens. On Day 2, we'll participate in a DNA sequencing lab with our specimens to discover what we can about biodiversity in the local markets.

Suzanne Anker will be giving a public lecture this March 29th at 5pm at UNM SMLC, rm 102.

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