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Space for posting thoughts, ideas, references, resources, and works. The theme of our seminar and workshop series is "Morphology and Geographic Variation." With the natural history collection as our starting point, we'll hear from scientists, artists, designers, programmers, musicians, and more on place-based study. Part of AIM-UP, an NSF Research Coordination Network.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Workshop 1: "Cataloguing Wonder" with Brandon Ballengée

We kick off our CO-EVOLUTION workshop series with artist and biologist Brandon Ballengée this coming Friday, 2/24! On Day 1, we'll dive into the Amphibian collection at the Museum of Southwestern Biology to perform a Gosner staging, make drawings and photographs, and to discuss the occurrence of deformities in preserved tadpoles. On Day 2, we'll take a field trip to collect specimens to compare them with what we've learned. 

Brandon will be giving a public lecture entitled “Praeter Naturam: Beyond Nature” on Friday, February 24th at 5pm at UNM SMLC. 

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