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Friday, February 3, 2012

from UA Fairbanks

Dear Eileen and others,

Sounds great. I am excited to see a module that combines morphology
and avian songs.  That should be interesting from a study point of
view, but I can also see good potential for incorporating this into
various undergraduate courses.  On our end we have a paleontologist
taking the class, and he studies dinosaurs, so we had to think a
little bit creatively to come up with a project that would included
all of us and our expertise, so we are going to use coal ball peels
from the Pennsylvanian and kits that I have received from a colleague
in Ohio, to prepare acetate peels (which are in essence very exquisite
sections of these ancient rocks showing anatomical detail of plants
from that epoch) and scan those in and have them accessioned through
the Earth Science department and than use herbarium specimens and make
sections of some of the stems of the modern equivalent to some of
these ferns and horsetails and have them also available in Arctos and
the module will evolve around morphologies past and present of plants.
 We are still working out most of the details, but this is the
approach we have planned for our module.

I am working on my talk for Tuesday and will try to connect the labtop
to the system so that we can project the slides that way. I am keeping
my fingers crossed that this will work.  Overall the connection seems
to work fine now, I think.

Cheers, Steffi.

P.S.: Light snow, tropical temps: +5F for a high today!!!

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